Elisabeth Siegmund-Schultze, MD

Elisabeth is an expert in managed care, e-health, health economics and health insurance management. She has broad experience in designing care from the perspectives of medicine, industry, and health insurance. She is driven by the concept of value-based health care.

Elisabeth is founder of medicoles, Hannover, Germany, a medical consulting company. Her customers are key players in the health care industry such as health insurance companies and also various industrial companies specialized in pharmaceutical and medical technology.

She holds a doctorate in medicine and is a qualified specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics. Additionally, she has successfully completed postgraduate studies in the fields of health economics and organizational development.

Before founding medicoles, Elisabeth was director of managed care at a health insurance company in Germany. She started her career as a gynaecologist and as assistant to the general manager at a university hospital.

Elisabeth is a reviewer at the Journal of Medical Internet Research, JMIR.

She is active member of Soroptimist International, a worldwide women's rights organization, and a volunteer mentor to students entering the healthcare field.

Dr. Elisabeth Siegmund-Schultze